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At, we talk a lot about the physical approach you can take to stop pulling hair out.  The clients we’ve seen achieve dramatic results have corrected their neurotransmitter imbalances and properly adjusted their diet.

But there is always the issue of psychological support.  And we want you to make sure you’re aware of the various websites and bloggers who are out there doing a good job to lend support and allow people to talk about trich.

It’s trichy

This is a great blog, and it’s trichy gets a lot of positive feedback.  She recently posted pictures of herself, showing how she’s looked through the years.  Very brave.  She also talks about different approaches she’s tried to stop pulling hair out.  Check our comments on the section – we had some comments on NAC.


This is a unique social network for people with trichotillomania.

Pulling out hair

Another blog, with lots of people visiting and leaving messages about their own stories.

Pulling out hair (It’s a different blog.)

A blog run by Penny, in which she states:  I started OnTrich (a trichotillomania blog) to try and raise awareness about hair pulling, and also as a way to help me deal with my own pulling. I’m a 23 year old girl from the UK and I’ve been pulling for 13 years. Get in touch if you want to chat or need any help – I love meeting people here.

It’s a great blog and she encourages guest bloggers.

Trichotillomania Learning Center

This is one of the biggest and most respected sites out there.  Founded by Christina Pearson, her motivation to launch the site was not unlike those of other bloggers in this post:  “After years of suffering alone, Christina set out to change the world for hair pullers and skin pickers.”

The TLC does have information about trichotillomania support groups.

We are always on the lookout for other great resources we can post on our blog.  If you know of other great sites, please let us know!