Why You Can't Stop Pulling Your Hair Out

You’ll understand the root cause of trichotillomania, and why Dr. Chad can help you stop pulling hair out.

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What is Amino Acid Therapy?

Brain chemicals called neurotransmitters control many of your bodily functions, including mood, focus, concentration, memory, body temperature, appetite, cravings, sleep, behavior, pain tolerance, hormone balance and many others. Imbalances in neurotransmitter levels are often the root cause of many disorders associated with these functions.

Amino acid therapy entails providing the body the correct balance of amino acids and cofactors needed to establish proper neurotransmitter function. Each person requires a unique blend of amino acids to establish proper functioning, but once this level is achieved, most or all of the symptoms associated with that imbalance disappear.

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Use Journaling to Keep Track of Urges to Pull

We work with a lot of people that suffer from trichotillomania. Many of them have tried all sorts of behavioral techniques to help them either become more aware of their pulling or to make it more difficult for them to pull. Results seem to vary dramatically with...

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How to Help Someone Dealing with Trichotillomania

If you or someone you know is dealing with the severe urges to pull, pick and/or bite associated with trichotillomania and are looking for answers, it first helps to understand what trichotillomania is and what resources are available. Understanding Trichotillomania...

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Can I Stop Pulling Hair Without Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be very effective at dealing with the behavioral aspects of trichotillomania and the urges to pull. In fact, many people have found psychotherapy invaluable to help them stop pulling their hair and/or...

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