Trichotillomania Consultation by Phone

It starts with a 30 minute phone consultation with Dr. Chad. The 30 minute phone consultation includes:

  • A review of your trich history and your goals.
  • An explanation of why you can’t stop pulling hair out and how you can correct it
  • A specialized program designed just for you.

This phone consultation, combined with the FREE report Why You Can’t Stop Pulling Hair Out is the blueprint you’ll need to overcoming your desire to stop pulling hair out.

The best part is the price. Dr. Chad has made helping trich sufferers his mission. Because so many people cannot stop pulling hair out, we’ve discounted the phone consultation to just $120.

  • Just $120, and you’ll have a specific blueprint that can help you stop pulling hair out.
  • Just $120, and you’ll understand, more than ever, why pulling your hair out is NOT YOUR FAULT.
  • Just $120, and you’ll understand more in 30 minutes than you’ll ever figure out perusing the Internet and researching trich websites.
  • Just $120, and you’ll be on your way to a whole new lifestyle. Your urge to pull will stop. Your life will start.
  • Just $120, and you can learn how your urge to pull will stop, and your ability to stop pulling hair out will start.

You’ll be on the road to becoming free of worry, guilt, anxiety, fear, depression, and shame. All because you’re using a method that makes sense – medically and intuitively. Why? Because it’s:

  • Based on your body’s chemistry
  • Rooted in science
  • Does not require years of therapy

If you’re ready to sign up for the $120 consultation to stop pulling hair out, call us immediately at 866-888-6721 , or email us.