stop trichotillomaniaThis was a direct quote from a woman that I met with last week in regards to her experience with amino acid therapy in regards to her trichotillomania. Betty (her name has been changed at her request) had a history of other illnesses, including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, osteoarthritis and most recently Crohn’s disease in addition to trichotillomania and was on a mountain of medications to deal with her pain. She also reported extreme sugar cravings and sleep problems. She was diagnosed with trichotillomania in 2004 and “started to pull a lot from the under region of the head”.

After just a week on the full initial dose of amino acids, she reported “much less restless sleep and decreased insomnia”, as well as a decreased compulsion to pull, although she admitted that she still caught herself pulling out of habit 2-3 times/week. However, she said that unlike any time before, she could chose to stop herself from pulling when she noticed she was doing it and not think about it again.

Based on Betty’s progress, we adjusted her amino acid dosing and when we spoke a couple weeks later she reported that she was doing very well. In fact, she said she no longer had any urge to pull and that she even tried pulling to see what would happen; she proudly reported that it “was not as gratifying anymore”.

She also reported that her sugar cravings were much better. She described it like this: “Before I was like an alcoholic looking for a drink. Now, I can say ‘no’ to myself.” She also said she only had desserts 1-2 times a week now, where she would have 1 or more desserts every day before starting the amino acids. She said,” I no longer ‘have to (have a dessert)’, now I do it because I ‘want to’.”

Here are a couple more quotes from Betty’s last visit:

  • “I could not believe the change”
  • “I thought it would take so much more than this.”
  • “This was quick and easy for me!”
  • “This change has been miraculous.”

Betty’s experience is typical of many people that we have helped eliminate the urge to pull through amino acid therapy. While not everyone experiences these results this quickly, many do.

Betty now no longer thinks about her trichotillomania. In addition, she no longer feels like a “slave to food/sweets” and she is sleeping better than anytime she can remember. If you’d like to see if amino acid therapy can get you to your goals, please call us. We’d love to help you eliminate the urge to pull and get you on to the rest of your life.