This post has to do with the optimal sequence we follow to help people get to their goals. In regards to neurotransmitter related disorders, there is a definite sequence that works best.

The serotonin and/or catecholamine system has a role, either directly or indirectly, in controlling most of the other systems and functions in the body. For example, cortisol synthesis is controlled in part by norepinephrine. Hormone synthesis is dependent on norepinephrine. The sympathetic nervous system is controlled by norepinephrine.

We have noted previously that neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the body that control bodily functions. There are many other chemical messages as well, including hormones. With hormones in particular, we have found that if we balance the primary neurotransmitters as a first course of action (i.e., serotonin and dopamine), many symptoms associated with hormone imbalance (e.g., hot flashes, mood swings, irregular menses, etc.) often resolve. Therefore, it is our assertion that in most cases, the primary neurotransmitters need to be balanced first (or at the very least in concert with hormones) in order to properly manage symptoms of hormone imbalance.

In addition, other neurotransmitter systems are partially controlled by the serotonin and/or catecholamine systems. For example, the GABA neurotransmitter system is associated with control of anxiety and panic attacks. Yet when the serotonin and/or catecholamine neurotransmitter levels are brought to proper levels, as confirmed by lab testing, these diseases may be fully under control. This would indicate control of GABA by the serotonin / catecholamine system even though at this time we have been unable to identify a chemical pathway for such in the literature. Therefore, it is also are assertion that we need to rebalance the primary neurotransmitters first (i.e, serotonin and/or dopamine) before moving onto to secondary neurotransmitters (i.e., GABA, glutamate, etc.).

We have shared a lot of information in various posts on the science of amino acid therapy and we hope that it provides you a more thorough understanding about how and why amino acid therapy is a very viable and effective therapy to use with trichotillomania and why we have had such great success eliminating the urge to pull.