I am often asked if our approach ‘cures’ trichotillomania. The simple answer is ‘it depends’.

The word ‘cure’ or ‘curing’ are used and strictly protected as medical terms, only to be used by medical doctors and other health care professionals that are licensed to practice medicine. Judging by the number of law suits against integrative, complementary and alternative practitioners who have mistakenly used this term in regards to what they do, I’d say that it is strictly enforced. As I am a naturopathic doctor and do not practice medicine, I am not entitled to use the terms ‘cure’, ‘cures’ or ‘curing’ in relation to what I do or to describe the effects that what I recommend may have on or for a person.

Interestingly, the general public often use these terms without recourse. I even had one client look up the word ‘cure’ and forward me the definition: ‘A cure or remission is the end of a medical condition’, so they stated that because we helped them eliminate the urge to pull their hair out, we helped them ‘cure’ their trichotillomania and should therefore be listed in any list of ‘trichotillomania cures’.

While I am glad this person feels better, this discussion brought up a couple additional points that are important to keep in mind (not only for a person considering amino acid therapy, but also for me as a complementary health care practitioner). In addition to the above discussion about the use of the words ‘cure’, ‘cures’ and ‘curing’, we are not specifically addressing any medical condition(s), including trichotillomania using amino acid therapy. What we are doing is looking for and addressing fundamental root imbalances in body or brain chemistry and addressing them using natural methods if at all possible. These imbalances can manifest themselves in conditions that are diagnosed by medical professionals as trichotillomania. However, they can also manifest themselves in other ways that prompt people to seek medical help; these diagnoses can include depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, insomnia, migraines, fibromyalgia and numerous other sets of symptoms labeled as ‘diseases’ by the medical profession.

We don’t concern ourselves nearly as much with what a group of symptoms is called by the medical profession as we do with figuring out what imbalances created these symptoms and addressing those underlying imbalances. By addressing the underlying imbalances, our clients often see a reversal of many previously diagnosed medical conditions, not just the one(s) they are seeking us out for. That is why when you read the many testimonials and background information about amino acid therapy throughout this site, you see that many, many conditions can be corrected through the proper use of amino acid therapy. We cannot say amino acid therapy ‘cures’ trichotillomania or any other diagnosed medical condition as I am not a medical doctor; I am a naturopath.

But what really matters is that by finding and addressing the underlying neurotransmitter imbalances that a person with trichotillomania has, they can eliminate the urge to pull. If they want to find out if they are ‘cured’ or if this ‘cures’ trichotillomania, they just need to ask their medical doctor if no longer having the urge to pull means that they are ‘cured’.