I started pulling when I was 7 years old (I’m now 24). I mainly pull my eyelashes, but occasionally pull my eyebrows or the top of my head. I don’t normally pull at work, but do at home, especially when I’m sitting in front of the TV.

“I am very satisfied with where I am right now.”

I originally came to Dr. Oler because I was pulling my eyelashes quite badly.  It was getting worse as I was getting older and more stressed (I have a pretty high stress job).  Life wasn’t getting any easier as I grew older and I think I took it out on my eyelashes more and more; even if I wasn’t stressed, it was still bad.

However, I always knew there must be something I could try.  I like natural ingredients and products in my life generally and was very interested in the fact that it could be cured or helped with nutrition or naturally occurring amino acids, rather than things like anti-depressants and things that have such negative side effects.  That is one thing I would never try.  I’d be afraid I’d do more harm than good.  I was on the internet doing my research and was so glad to find the Stop Pulling Hair Out website with its promising stories of helping others.

I’ve been on a program with Dr. Oler about 3 months. Right before I started working with Dr. Oler, I was pretty fed up and close to a breakdown.  Pulling was just fueling my unhappiness as it made me feel so different and even more fed up. Now things are going fine!

I no longer have any trance pulling (unconscious or mindless pulling) and little to no urge to pull my eyelashes at all. My eyelashes are growing in a bit but slowly at the moment as I have been pulling for 17 years and they grow slowly. I am much more positive now as I think it is working.

I also feel a little less tired and less stressed than I did before and my body temperature is better. I used to have to wear clothes to bed because I was so cold, which I no longer have to do. My hands and feet are also no longer cold. In addition, I am not as hungry as I was before and I no longer have any binges with food.

I am very satisfied with where I am right now. Time will tell but I am optimistic. Even though the amino acids are expensive, it’s been worth it!

L.W. York, England