hugI just got off the phone with the mother of one of the young women we are working with for trich and wanted to share her story. Carmen is 11 years old and started pulling in March 2012; she was completely bald before she started working with us and had tried many medications to help her eliminate her urges to pull with no effect.

We started a little more slowly with Carmen, as she was on several medications for ADD. However, after just two weeks, Carmen reported that she was “94% better” and was no longer pulling! Her mother agreed and said that for the first time in almost 10 months, she did not see Carmen pulling at all. Carmen stated that she still occasionally had the urge to pull, but she could choose not to pull. Even better was that both mom and Carmen were starting to see hair regrowth everywhere on her head!

In addition, Carmen noted a dramatic improvement in her sleep quality. She stated that ever since she has been medicated for ADD she has had a difficult time falling asleep and that she slept “very lightly”, being awakened by the slightest noise. Now, she said she is falling asleep much faster and easier and sleeping very soundly with little to no restlessness during the night. Her mom even noted that Carmen slept through a storm that passed through their town a few nights ago, which hasn’t happened in years.

Carmen and her mom are both ecstatic with her results thus far and I am confident that within the next month or so, that 94% improvement will be 100%.