Young Woman Enjoying the ViewIt’s so wonderful to hear positive outcomes from our clients.  Here’s is one story:

I’ve been on a program with the NPHC for almost a year. After following Dr. Oler’s recommendations, I have almost no urges to pull and my hair has almost all grown back; the only urges I have are when stress gets really high, but I can deal with those.

I was diagnosed with trich in 1st grade (I am 17 now) and I extreme urges to pull every 1-3 days. At any given time, I had pulled out about 50% of my hair, and my eyebrows and eyelashes were gone. It was really hard because at times it felt like trich dictated my daily routine.

Now I feel more confidence on a daily basis. I am also less self-conscious. I am more confident when speaking to others and am playing sports again that I love and participating in other physical and social activities.

Originally, I was taking 8 NeuroReplete and 6 CysReplete every day. After about 9 months, we started weaning off the supplements and making dietary and lifestyle changes (like adding in specific exercises 5x/week). I’m happy to say that I am pill-free and still don’t have any urges to pull! Thank you Dr. Oler for your help – I feel like I’ve got my life back.

–          C.P.