CysReplete is a formula that it often used in the course of amino acid therapy. It’s a very simple formula (it contains only L-cysteine, selenium and folate) with a very important purpose: to keep enough sulfur in the system and provide methyl-donors. These functions are fundamental to addressing the root causes of neurotransmitter dysfunction and to promote the proper production of neurotransmitters.

There is one common side effect when using CysReplete – nausea – and it occurs in about 20% of people that take it. Luckily, there are some easy ways to alleviate it.

Over the years, we’ve noted that most cases of nausea due to CysReplete occur after a person takes CysReplete first thing in the morning. By moving the first dose of CysReplete to mid-day, this side effect is usually eliminated.  If that doesn’t work, taking the CysReplete with food will usually do the trick.

If nausea due to taking the CysReplete early in the day isn’t the issue, it is usually due to the products getting hung-up in the throat and opening. This can cause severe nausea as well as leave a bad taste in your mouth (literally) as sulfur compounds taste BAD (think rotten eggs bad). Again, there is a simple solution: keep the CysReplete capsules in your mouth with water for about 10 seconds before swallowing. Doing this allows the capsules to begin to break down and get gelatinous, which allows them to slip down the throat and into the stomach quickly. Taking an extra sip of water before and after taking the CysReplete will also dramatically reduce this possible side effect.

CysReplete serves an important role for most people using amino acid therapy to correct their underlying neurotransmitter imbalances and with a few adjustments, almost everyone can take them without any issues.