trichotillomaniaTrichotillomania is a disorder characterized by recurrent, often irresistible urges to pull hair out from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes or other areas of the body despite trying to stop. Many of our clients with trichotillomania have shared tricks and tips they have used to combat the urges to pull. Here are the top tips to stop trichotillomania:

  • Get your neurotransmitter levels optimized through targeted amino acid therapy.
  • Make a sticker chart; every day that you don’t pull, add a sticker. Put the chart in the room/area where you tend to pull the most.
  • Determine when/where you tend to pull the most. Do something to change that environment.
  • Talk about your pulling with others; release any guilt or shame you have around your urges to pull.
  • When you get the urge to pull, give yourself 5 minutes to do something else (and do it); if you still have the urge after 5 minutes, allow yourself to pull.
  • Use guided imagery to imagine your life without the urge to pull hair out.
  • Give your hands something to do when you are bored or concentrating, such as twirling a pencil, play with a bracelet, tap your fingers on the table or roll a couple marbles/balls in your hand.
  • Love yourself – look in a mirror and tell yourself that you are loved and beautiful – whether you have the urges to pull or not.