amino acid safetyNeuroReplete is a balanced amino acid formula that is often used as a foundational part of amino acid therapy. It provides 5-HTP and L-tyrosine along with the cofactors necessary to convert these amino acids into serotonin and the catecholamines (dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine), respectively. There are usually very few side effects associated with amino acid therapy; however, nausea can occur in two instances.

NeuroReplete and nausea: Upon startup

When a person first begins amino acid therapy with the use of NeuroReplete and they experience nausea, it is most often a sign that the person’s serotonin levels are exceptionally low. In this case, the nausea will often get progressively worse with each dose of NeuroReplete, and may lead to vomiting.

This is thought to occur because approximately 90% of the body’s store of serotonin is contained in the GI tract. When serotonin levels are very low, the 5-HTP from the NeuroReplete is absorbed and converted into serotonin directly within the GI tract. This causes the smooth muscle of the GI tract to contract, which can be experienced as nausea.

In this instance, the fix is to discontinue the use of the amino acids during the day, and begin taking just one capsule of NeuroReplete before bedtime. The dosage is slowly titrated up every 3-4 days until the full recommended dosing is achieved.

NeuroReplete and nausea: Carbohydrate intolerance

The other instance in which we see people experience nausea with the use of NeuroReplete is in the case of carbohydrate intolerance. This type of nausea is usually experienced sporadically and may be quite intense. If a person tracks their food intake, they will usually find that the nausea is linked to a grain-based carbohydrate (i.e., cracker, bread, cereal, pasta, cookie, etc.) that is eaten within 2 hours of taking the NeuroReplete.

In this instance, it is likely that replenishing the body’s neurotransmitter stores using amino acid therapy has heightened an existing food sensitivity/intolerance, which leads to the sensation of nausea. The fix is to avoid and/or replace the specific grain-based carbohydrate that is causing the issue.

The use of amino acid therapy is extremely effective at addressing the underlying cause of many seemingly unrelated disorders. Side effects are rare with amino acid therapy. If nausea occurs with the use of NeuroReplete, use the suggestions above and speak with your health care provider in order to get the nausea under control.