Amino acid therapy can be incredibly effective at helping to eliminate hair pulling by addressing the underlying neurotransmitter imbalances that lead to the intense urges to pull in many people. The exact underlying neurotransmitter imbalances that cause the urges to pull are different in each person, but it is possible to determine and address each person’s unique imbalances. The only question is time.

How Long Will I Need to Be on Amino Acid Therapy?

This is one of the most common questions we hear, and it’s an important one. Every day can feel like a struggle when someone is suffering from the intense urges to pull out their hair. It can feel like a battle every minute of every day, so it is only natural to want relief as soon as possible.

The length of time a person needs to be targeted amino acid therapy for hair pulling can vary quite a lot depending on the underlying imbalance(s). We have seen many people have a significant reduction in their urges to pull in 1-3 weeks; to date, our longest client has taken over 3 years to completely address her underlying imbalances and substantially reduce her hair pulling. However, most people begin to see relief within 4-6 weeks so long as they follow the protocols and complete any necessary testing as directed.

How Long Will I Need to Stay on Amino Acid Therapy for Hair Pulling?

This is the next logical question when someone is starting amino acid therapy for hair pulling. Generally, a person will stay on the amino acids for 6-9 months once they have achieved optimal neurotransmitter function. This allows their neurotransmitter stores to rebuild.

After this time, we usually begin to systematically reduce the amino acids until we either (a) eliminate them or (b) find the lowest dose necessary to keep a person’s hair pulling under control. Over time, most people find that they can eliminate the need for the amino acids.

However, some people will need to take some amount of amino acids ongoing in order to fully address their underlying imbalances and keep their hair pulling under control. This is most likely to occur with genetically inherited imbalances and/or head trauma or toxicity that has induced damage to the neurons in the brain. However, even in these instances, using properly balanced amino acid therapy can eliminate the urges to pull and allow a person to lead a healthy and normal life free from hair pulling.

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