We help people correct their underlying neurotransmitter imbalances in order to reduce their urges to pull. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that act as chemical messengers; if they don’t function right, a person can experience all sorts of symptoms, including the urge to pull and/or pick hair and/or skin. Neurotransmitter function affects the urges to pull and optimizing neurotransmitter function can significantly reduce and often eliminate urges to pull. Amino acid therapy is the foundation of a program to reduce the urges to pull, but diet can play a big role over time.

Foods to Remove From Your Diet to Reduce Urges to Pull

On a day-to-day basis, there are three things that can dramatically influence a person’s neurotransmitter function (in addition to drug/medication use): stress, sleep and diet. The more stress a person experiences and the less sleep a person gets increases the likelihood of neurotransmitter dysfunction, especially over time. However, what we eat and drink can also significantly impact a person’s neurotransmitter status – and it can happen in a matter of seconds.

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Many foods are known to deplete neurotransmitter levels, including alcohol, coffee, soda, artificial sweeteners, anything containing monosodium glutamate (MSG), smoked or cured meats, sugar, hard cheeses, citrus fruits and even wheat. Some, like alcohol, coffee, soda, artificial sweeteners and MSG can have a dramatic, almost immediate destabilizing effect on one or more neurotransmitters, and can fundamentally alter brain chemistry. This can affect a person’s urge to pull and will almost always lead to an increased urge to pull with chronic use.

Therefore, if you would like to reduce your urges to pull, it is important to remove (or significantly reduce) these foods from your diet along with properly managed amino acid therapy, daily stress management, getting enough sleep and regular exercise in order to optimize neurotransmitter function. Doing so can dramatically affect your urges to pull and significantly reduce or eliminate them.

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