I just watched a video on YouTube titled – Trichotillomania: A True Medical Mystery – where they interviewed a medical doctor who explained that trich is baffling because so little is known about it. That was in 2008. Today, although the underlying imbalances that can lead to trich are much better understood, the medical therapies and treatments for trich have changed very little. One of the reasons is that trich is not caused by a deficiency of any drug or medical treatment, so there is no permanent solution using those techniques. However, for many people suffering from trich, imbalances in brain chemicals (called neurotransmitters) can cause or exacerbate the compulsion to pull.

Over the past nine years, our understanding of the underlying biochemical imbalances that can lead to trich (and many other disorders, including depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, compulsions, over-eating and chronic pain) has greatly expanded. This site will contain much of that information; you can also visit www.neuroassist.com and www.chknutrition.com to locate other research and products that can expand your knowledge of how amino acid therapy can help you or someone you love eliminate the urge to pull.