treatment-for-trichotillomania-cure-therapy-how-to-stop-hair-pulling-with-childrenHere is another case study showing how quickly amino acid therapy can help eliminate the urges to pull.

Amy’s parents came to us in December 2014. Amy was an 11 year old girl that started having intense urges to pull in May 2014 that lessened over the summer, but came back with a vengeance when school started in September (she had just started 6th grade in a new school). By the time we spoke, she had several bald spots on the top and sides of her head and she was shy and embarrassed about her pulling. She was also very anxious about school.

We started Amy on a very low dose of amino acids, as she had just started having urges to pull and she was quite young. After one week, she wasn’t feeling any different, so we ordered a urine test to help us see guide our recommendations. We made the adjustments indicated and within a week, Amy’s urges to pull were gone. When I spoke to her dad at the beginning of February, all the bald spots were growing in, Amy’s mood had improved markedly and she was now excited about going to school. She was still catching herself pulling on occasion, but as soon as she realized what she was doing, she could stop easily. We recommended that she begin seeing a therapist to work on the ‘habit’ of pulling to help provide her coping strategies.

Amy’s urges to pull resolved within 5 weeks of initiating amino acid therapy. This is not uncommon, especially when a person is young and has just started having the urges to pull. As Amy’s case demonstrates, amino acid therapy can lead to a dramatic and positive change in not only a person’s urge to pull, but also in mood and motivation.