There are many products that can be used to supply the body the necessary building blocks that it needs to re-establish proper neurotransmitter function. Unfortunately, most of the products available over-the-counter, as well as many that are only available through licensed health care providers, do not provide adequate (or reproducible) amounts of the needed components.

For instance, 5-HTP is needed by the body to manufacture the neurotransmitter serotonin. 5-HTP is extracted from a seed called Griffonia simplicifolia; the extraction process is quite expensive, so many companies cut corners and list only Griffonia simplicifolia seed on the label which does NOT correspond with the actual amount of 5-HTP (which will be a much smaller amount). Once more, even for those companies that do list a standardized extract amount on the label, it usually varies between 5-25% (which means you have to multiple the amount given by the extract concentration to get the actual 5-HTP amount per capsule). Considering that a person may require upwards of 2700 mg of 5-HTP, taking these lower concentration extracts would require an insane amount of pills.

We have worked with over 3000 people using amino acid therapy and have developed a great collection of products that work in practice. These products are not available over-the-counter and must be used under the guidance of a trained health care professional. This is essential as the imbalanced use of amino acids can quickly lead to further imbalances, as the noted in the following diagram:


Illustration used with permission from Marty Hinz, MD.

In order to order these clinically-approved amino acid therapy products, you must first complete a short Restricted Product Purchasing Form. Once we review your form, we will contact you regarding your purchasing request.

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